14 Amazing Food Waste Apps to Save Money & Our Planet [Location-Based Review]

In a world where nearly 24% of all food produced goes to waste, the battle against food wastage has never been more critical.

The consequences of this wasteful trend are not only financial but also environmental, with food waste being a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s where food waste companies come in!

In this digital age, there’s a silver lining to this pressing issue: a growing number of innovative apps that are designed to help individuals and businesses combat food waste.

In this article, we will take a look at the evolving landscape of food waste and unveil a comprehensive guide to the most remarkable applications that tackle this global challenge head-on!

Before we delve into these groundbreaking apps, let’s first understand what food waste is and why it’s imperative that we address it collectively.

Food Waste Today: A Market Overview

In recent years, the concerning issue of food waste has risen to the forefront of global concerns, sparking the growth of a dynamic industry dedicated to reducing this complex issue.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste each year.

This harsh reality not only puts enormous strain on our planet’s decreasing resources, but it also imposes a massive economic cost, with an estimated yearly financial loss of $1 trillion.

Furthermore, food waste has a substantial environmental cost of around $700 billion each year and a considerable social cost of $408 billion.

What’s more, every year, an area equivalent to 28% of the world’s arable land, or 1.4 billion hectares, is devoted to producing food that is eventually wasted.

This waste devalues agriculture and food production, exacerbates inequities along the food production value chain, and highlights discrepancies in access to nutrition.

When looking at localized statistics, the scale of the problem becomes much more apparent. In the United States, for example, food waste amounts for 30-40% of total food supply, amounting to an estimated $162 billion.

Check out this video by AJ+, to get a better understanding of the food that gets wasted in the US.

Innovative Food Waste Solutions

In response to this pressing challenge, the food waste sector has flourished, offering a multitude of opportunities for innovative food waste solutions.

Startups and established companies alike have entered the market with a shared goal: to reduce food waste and its adverse impacts.

These enterprises have introduced cutting-edge technologies, innovative food waste products, and user-friendly applications to tackle food waste at every level of the supply chain.

From farm to fork, these companies are pioneering change, offering sustainable alternatives, and incentivizing consumers and businesses to take action against food waste.

In our exploration of food waste apps, we will highlight how these forward-thinking companies leverage location-based technology to make a meaningful impact in their quest to curb food waste, save money, and safeguard our planet.

14 Best Food Waste Apps to Use in 2023

It’s important to understand that many of these apps are new to the market, and therefore, not all have many reviews. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not still great at what they do.

So, without further ado, these are the top food waste companies in the USA, Canada, and Europe:

1. Too Good to Go

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Too Good to Go has emerged as a pioneering force in the global battle against food waste, available for both Apple and Android users.

At the heart of their mission is a mobile app that seamlessly bridges the gap between restaurants, food retailers, and eco-conscious consumers in the local community.

This innovative platform creates a harmonious win-win scenario that not only benefits individuals but also contributes significantly to our planet’s well-being.

Too Good To Go Food waste companies Homepage
Source: Too Good To Go 

Through the Too Good to Go app, sellers, including restaurants and food retailers, have the opportunity to divert surplus food from the brink of waste by offering it to nearby buyers at a substantially reduced price.

This ingenious approach not only minimizes economic losses for businesses but also ensures that perfectly edible food finds a new home rather than landing in the trash.

The impact of Too Good to Go is nothing short of remarkable, as it currently operates in 15 countries, rescuing over 100,000 meals from ending up in landfills each day.

App Ratings: 4.9/5 of 101k ratings

Website:  Too Good to Go

2. Phenix

Location: Paris, France

Hailing from the vibrant city of Paris, France, Phenix is a food waste start-up that has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 2014.

This innovative company has taken a multifaceted approach to tackling the problem of food waste, and their suite of solutions leaves no stone unturned; meaning that both Apple and Android users have access to this app.

At the forefront of Phenix’s arsenal is a mobile app that empowers consumers to make a meaningful impact. With this app, users can purchase soon-to-expire, surplus, and other perfectly good foods that would otherwise be destined for waste, all at a discounted rate.

This not only saves individuals money but also significantly reduces food waste by giving these products a second chance.

Phenix Food waste companies Homepage
Source: Phenix

Phenix extends its impact beyond consumer purchases, implementing a dynamic pricing system that helps retailers minimize waste.

This intelligent pricing strategy optimizes product sales, reducing the likelihood of items going unsold and ending up as waste.

App Ratings: 4.3/5 of 210 ratings


3. Flashfood

Location: Ontario, Canada

In the quest to reduce food waste and help budget-conscious consumers, Flashfood has emerged as a beacon of hope.

This Canadian-made app, available in ten US states as well, offers a treasure trove of high-quality groceries at jaw-dropping discounts.

Their mission is simple: connect people with perfectly good groceries nearing their expiration dates and ensure they don’t go to waste. What’s more they can be found on both Apple and Andraid app stores.

Flashfood Food waste companies Homepage
Source: Flashfood

With the Flashfood app, you’ll have access to a real bargain hunter’s paradise. It identifies groceries near you that are approaching their best-before dates and makes them available for purchase at a significantly reduced rate. Plus, the convenience of in-app payments ensures a seamless shopping experience.

App Ratings: 4.8/5 of 28k ratings


4. Karma

Location: Stockholm, Sweeden

In the dynamic realm of food waste reduction, Karma shines as an innovative application that bridges the gap between restaurants and eco-conscious diners.

This ingenious platform empowers restaurants to not only cut down on food waste but also boost their business by enhancing customer relationships.

Karma Homepage
Source: Karma

Karma’s core mission revolves around two fundamental pillars: reducing food waste and fostering stronger customer connections.

Karma plays a pivotal role in mitigating food waste by offering surplus restaurant food to savvy diners at discounted rates.

This means that perfectly good food that might otherwise go to waste finds its way to appreciative diners’ tables, reducing both economic losses and environmental impact.

Plus, they’ve made it easy for both Apple and Android users, as their app is on both stores.

App Ratings: 4.8/5 of 2k ratings


5. Olio

Location: London, UK

Olio is not just another app; it’s a powerful tool that champions local sharing and plays a significant role in curbing food waste.

This community-driven platform, found on Apple and Android stores alike, empowers users to pass on items they no longer need to nearby individuals, thereby turning the useless into someone else’s useful and, most importantly, helping combat waste.

Olio Homepage
Source: Olio

While Olio covers a diverse array of items, its primary focus on food sharing stands out as a remarkable initiative in the fight against food waste.

Users can easily give away surplus food items, ensuring that perfectly good provisions don’t end up in landfills.

Whether it’s excess produce, canned goods, or bakery items, Olio provides a platform to redistribute these items within the local community.

App Ratings: 4.9/5 of 49k ratings


6. Gander

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Welcome to Gander, one of the Best food waste companies in the USA, the pioneering app that not only saves you money on your food and grocery shopping but also plays a pivotal role in reducing the staggering problem of food waste.

Gander Homepage
Source: Gander

In a world where eating well for less is a universal desire, Gander steps in as a game-changer, making it easier than ever to score fantastic deals on food marked with those coveted yellow stickers at your local supermarkets and convenience stores. What’s more, their app is available for both Apple and Android users.

App Ratings: 3.4/5 of 75 ratings


7. NoWaste

Location:  Anywhere

NoWaste’s core functionality is straightforward, effective, and available for both Android and iOS users. It allows you to manually input the expiration dates of the items in your fridge and pantry.

Once recorded, you can activate notifications that will gently remind you when your food is nearing expiration. No more forgotten items languishing at the back of your fridge, only to be discovered after it’s too late.

NoWaste Homepage
Source: NoWaste

But NoWaste isn’t just about personal food management; it also fosters a sense of community. The app includes a social media platform where users can share their food waste statistics.

By showcasing your achievements and challenges, you hold yourself accountable and inspire others to join the mission of reducing food waste.

App Ratings: 4.1/5 of 683 ratings


8. Kitche

Location:  Anywhere

Kitche is your kitchen management solution, available on both Android and Apple devices, designed to prevent food waste and simplify your culinary experience.

By capturing a photo of your supermarket receipt, Kitche creates a digital inventory of your groceries, on either an Apple or Android phone, ensuring you never unintentionally double up on items you already have.

Say goodbye to wasted food and unnecessary expenses as Kitche keeps track of your kitchen essentials, accessible anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone.

Kitche Food waste companies Homepage
Source: Kitche

But Kitche doesn’t stop at inventory management. It’s also your personalized recipe recommendation. Tailored to your dietary habits and preferences, Kitche suggests recipes that make the most of the ingredients you already own.

Whether you follow a specific diet or have unique culinary tastes, Kitche helps you transform your pantry items into delectable meals, making efficient use of your resources while minimizing food waste.

App Ratings: 3.7/5 of 70 ratings


9. Food for All

Location:  New York and Boston, NY, USA

Food for All bridges the gap between restaurants and hungry patrons. They primarily operating in Boston and New York with over 200 participating restaurants.

This app allows restaurants to connect with customers by offering meals that would otherwise go to waste at discounts of up to 80%.

The unique feature of purchasing these meals just one hour before the restaurants close ensures that perfectly good food doesn’t end up in the trash.

To get started, simply download the app from either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, and enter your location to discover participating restaurants near you. Beyond helping you save on your meals, Food for All also fosters a spirit of generosity.

The app enables users to donate food to those in need, creating a community of sharing and reducing food waste in the process. With Food for All, you enjoy substantial discounts and contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate food ecosystem.

App Ratings: 2.3/5 of 685 ratings

WebsiteFood for All

10. Imperfect Foods

Location: All Across the USA

Hailing as one of the best food waste companies in the USA, Imperfect Foods, accessible to residents of 41 US states, spanning the West South-Central region, Midwest, Northeast, and the entire West Coast, challenges the notion that visually unappealing food should be discarded.

This subscription box service delivers affordable groceries right to your doorstep, focusing on items that might go to waste because of their appearance or as a result of a surplus.

Imperfect Foods Homepage
Source: Imperfect Foods

The truth is, this food is not just edible; it’s delicious. However, it often doesn’t meet the stringent guidelines of traditional grocery stores, leading to unnecessary waste.

Imperfect Foods steps in to rescue these perfectly good provisions, making them accessible to conscious consumers who value sustainability and affordability.

What makes Imperfect Foods even more appealing is its customization level. Before each delivery, you have the opportunity to preview the items that are about to be sent to you.

If there’s anything you don’t want, simply remove it from your order. It’s also available to both Apple and Android users.

App Ratings: 3.2/5 of 362 ratings

WebsiteImperfect Foods

11. Hungry Harvest

Location:  USA (Select States)

As one of the top food waste companies in the USA, Hungry Harvest, delivers farm-fresh fruits and veggies to your doorstep.

Their mission is simple yet powerful: rescue and sell affordable produce that would otherwise go to waste. With each delivery, you’re saving money and at least 10 pounds of food from the landfill.

Hungry Harvest Homeapge
Source: Hungry Harvest

But Hungry Harvest doesn’t stop there. They’re dedicated to giving back to the community. Since 2014, they’ve donated over 1.7 million pounds of produce to local organizations.

As such, they have continuously been helping those in need access fresh, nutritious food. To date, they’ve rescued an astounding 27 million pounds of produce.

Hungry Harvest currently operates in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

App Ratings: N/A

WebsiteHungry Harvest

12. Geev

Location:  Anywhere

Geev Anti-Waste Solution, available on the Android app stores, as well as the Apple App Store, empowers you to take action against food waste.

Have surplus vegetables from your garden? Going on vacation with a full fridge? Baked an extra delicious cake? Geev allows you to share your excess food with those who can use it, fighting food waste effectively and effortlessly.

Geev Homepage
Source: Geev

Join the movement to reduce food waste, one share at a time.

App Ratings: 4.2/5 of 70k ratings


13. Food Rescue Hero

Location:  USA

Food Rescue Hero, available in the US on both Android and Apple app stores, empowers volunteers to make a difference by transporting excess food to those in need.

This app connects users with nearby non-profits that serve food, guiding them to the locations where their help is needed.

Food Rescue Hero Homepage
Source: Food Rescue Hero

The beauty of Food Rescue Hero is its flexibility. Volunteers can perform a “rescue” whenever they have free time, making it easy to fit into busy schedules.

Moreover, the app provides valuable background information on each non-profit, ensuring that “rescuers” are well-informed about the organizations they’re serving. Join the community of Food Rescue Heroes and play a vital role in reducing food waste while serving your local community.

App Ratings: 4./5 of 4 ratings

WebsiteFood Rescue Hero

14. 412 Food Rescue

Location:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

412 Food Rescue, available on both Android and Apple app stores, empowers individuals to become food rescue heroes and address the pressing issue of food waste while helping those in need.

With as little as 30 minutes of your time, you can rescue perfectly good food and deliver it to non-profits serving those experiencing food insecurity.

412 Food Rescue Homepage
Source: 412 Food Rescue

The app seamlessly connects to your social media accounts for easy sign-up. You can set your preferences for when and where you can participate in food rescues and receive alerts when opportunities align with your schedule.

App Ratings: 4/5 of 26 ratings

Website412 Food Rescue

Final Thoughts on the Top Food Waste Companies and Apps

Our exploration into food waste apps has found an environment of creativity, technology, and sustainability. Stunning apps like Too Good to Go, Phenix, Flashfood, Karma, Olio, and Gander are transforming how we think about food, waste, and the environment.

Evidently, these apps are more than just tools for saving money; they are powerful agents of change in the fight against food waste. By connecting surplus food with eager consumers, they demonstrate the incredible potential of technology to foster positive environmental and economic outcomes.

As we embrace these apps daily, we become active participants in a global movement to reduce food waste, one meal at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the app that gives out free food?

Olio is a local sharing app that allows you to give unwanted items to individuals in your area. From food and clothing to books and toys, Olio can help you convert your worthless into someone else's valuable — and help battle waste.

Why prevent food wastage?

Preventing food waste is critical due to its environmental impact, economic costs, and ethical considerations. It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve valuable resources, and promote sustainable consumption practices. By preventing food waste, we address environmental, economic, and social challenges while fostering a more equitable and sustainable food system. Read the full guide to find out how you can do your part.

How do food waste apps help the environment?

Food waste companies like Too Good to Go, Phenix, and Karma are actively helping the environment by reducing food waste through innovative solutions. They connect surplus food with consumers, preventing it from ending up in landfills, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. These companies also promote sustainable consumption practices, resource conservation, and a more responsible approach to food production and distribution, ultimately benefiting the environment.


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