Dr. Nick Becker, a pioneering sustainability expert and serial entrepreneur, seamlessly blends green technology and business acumen. With a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, he has co-founded groundbreaking startups and been featured on Forbes' "30 Under 30". His TEDx talk catalyzes tech-driven sustainability. Dr. Becker's passion for a greener future drives global change.

Deforestation Solutions Green Tech
12 Effective Ways to Stop Deforestation + Amazing Solutions in 2023 [Updated]

It is critical that we prioritize deforestation solutions in our efforts to protect our planet’s health, as they act as an essential buffer against climate …

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Stock Feature Image from Canva Sustainable Living
Eco-Friendly Painting Practices Every Sustainable Artist Must Know (2023)

The increasing knowledge of environmental degradation has proved to be one of the prominent problems in the modern-day world. Since people have become more conscious …

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Sustainable Fashion Brands - Stock Feature Image from Canva Sustainable Living
Unraveling the Eco-Ethics of Sustainable Fashion Brands in 2023

The truth about the fashion industry is more complex than meets the eye. As runway models dazzle audiences with innovative designs and intricate patterns, fashion …

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Eco-friendly Office Pantry Sustainable Living
Eco-friendly Office Pantry: Sustainable Food & Drink Choices (Guide)

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are growing, adopting sustainable practices – even in our workplaces – has become essential. One area in which we …

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Sustainable Living
Why Coliving in Brooklyn is the Future of Sustainable Living the City: Benefits & Challenges

Looking for a new way to live in Brooklyn? Consider coliving. Coliving is a modern housing concept where individuals rent private bedrooms but share communal …

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Plant Based written with scrabble pieces Sustainable Living
Nurturing a Greener Future Through Plant-Based Lifestyles in 2023 (Guide)

Meat consumption continues to prevail in most countries, but the growth of plant-based diets is already noticeable. Numerous arguments support this way of life, including …

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composting biodegradable packaging Sustainable Living
Composting Biodegradable Packaging: 9 Dos & Don’ts to Get it Right (Guide)

If you’re feeling confused about composting biodegradable packaging, you’re not alone.  There are lots of factors that make this a tricky topic, like: Vague and …

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Sustainable Heirlooms and Sentimental Jewelry Sustainable Living
Sentimental Jewelry: Sustainable Heirlooms for Future Generations (2023)

Many of us are trying to change our buying behaviors, and where we can, we are now making more sustainable purchasing decisions. That could be …

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Eco-friendly Hearing Aids Sustainable Living
Eco-friendly Hearing Aids: How Hearing Aid Users Can Go Green (2023)

People from all walks of life are actively looking for ways to lessen their ecological footprint in the modern period as the significance of environmental …

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Gardening Blogs - Feature image from Canva of a woman gardening Sustainable Living
Blossoming Skills: The Top Gardening Blogs & YouTube Channels for Green Expertise (2023)

Looking for the best gardening blogs and YouTube channels to up your gardening prowess? Discovering reliable and up-to-date gardening information on the Internet can be …

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