Here’s My Story

Johanna Rigby

I’m Johanna Rigby, and I’m here to help you be more eco-friendly.

Look around you; the planet’s a mess right now, and there’s so much going on. At times, you can feel powerless (just like I did), or you can do something about it.

In a consumer culture, I was looking at how full my trash bin was on the curb every single week, and how many single-use items I bought while I was out of the house, from coffee cups to take-out containers.

It was alarming. I wanted to do something about it, and so I did.

I started researching, and finding out all the ways we could be helping the planet on a societal level.

Every single bit of change begins from the grassroots, and it only grows stronger from there. I asked myself, “What are you going to actually do about it?”.

Well, I made MindsetEco—your free resource to help you find out how to minimize our global impact on the environment, while finding the best products to insert into your life to cut down on waste.

It’s a full-time job to try and be zero-waste, and I know that many people don’t have that much time on their side. Life sure tends to get in the way.

That’s when I drew my focus around simple, easy solutions that you can just pop into your life and make them a habit.

Information on using silicone, the dangers of plastic bags, and how to switch away from most single-use products are just a few examples of the resources I’ve put together for you.

Together, we can band together to make a positive change.

Thanks for taking the time to do something positive for the environment today.

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